A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World


Interpersonal relationships are a vital part of everyday life. We know relationships aren’t perfect, but we can help guide you through advice on how to fix common issues, things you should and shouldn’t say to the people in your life, and, of course, roundups of funny cartoons and quotes to remind you that laughter can be the best medicine.

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    25 Facts You Learned in School That Are No Longer True

    You don't want your kids to think you're a dinosaur—bring your knowledge up to date with these new facts.

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    The Real Reasons You’re Attractive, According to Science

    Your mother was right: Looks really aren't everything. Attraction is more about chemistry than cosmetics.

    5 Tips to Help You Quiet the Chronic Complainer in Your Life

    Talking to a Debbie Downer can stress you out, but with the right tools you can lighten the mood...

    My Dad Sent Me a Fruitcake Every Year for Christmas. The Last One Didn’t Arrive Until a Year A...

    My father resembled a fruitcake. One year, he even sent one. It never arrived.

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    How Hackers Could Use Virtual Schooling to Steal Your Information

    Are you doing everything you can to keep your family safe during the pandemic? If you’re not taking proactive measures...

    15 Easy and Festive Crafts to Make with Your Kids This Hanukkah

    Eight crazy nights of Menorahs, dreidels, and Stars of David!

    A Teacher Told Her Students to Draw What They Were Thankful for—This Was One Student’s Moving ...

    As this teacher learned, some of the most moving lessons are taught by students.

    My Best Friend Scammed Me Out of $92,000, Forcing Me into Bankruptcy

    She swindled me out of $92,000, forcing me into bankruptcy and destroying my once sunny outlook. But I finally...

    13 Ripoffs at the Dollar Store You Need to Avoid

    You're at the dollar store for a quick purchase when you come across what seems like a good deal—but looks...

    11 Old-School Classroom Items Everyone Forgets

    When's the last time you saw an overhead projector? Take a trip down memory lane with these old-school school items.

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    10 Best Face Masks for Teachers on Amazon

    Keep students, faculty, and staff safe during back-to-school season with these best face masks for teachers for coronavirus protection on...

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    Heartwarming Stories of Teachers Who Changed Their Students’ Lives

    Good educators share knowledge. 
Great ones make an impression that stays in their students’ hearts forever.

    I’m a Teacher Who’s Back at School—Here’s What What’s Worrying Me the Most

    Between worrying about her students' mental health, her own physical health, and lack of community support, there's a lot keeping...

    How to Respond When Someone Makes a Racist Comment

    When it comes to racism, silence can be deafening—and even deadly. Try these approaches if you're having trouble figuring out...

    8 Children’s Nursery Rhymes That Are Actually Racist

    Can a catchy little rhyme really be that problematic? Yes—and it’s one way racism was inextricably woven into American life....

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    25 Spooky, Silly Halloween Books for Kids

    Boo! Read these adorable books with your kiddos to get the whole family in the Halloween spirit.

    How Pink and Blue Became the “Girl” and “Boy” Baby Colors

    Pink was once considered to be for boys (seriously)!

    What It’s Like to Be a Caretaker for Someone Who Has No Idea Coronavirus Exists

    Coronavirus makes life more complicated for people who are already facing difficult challenges—and those who take care of them.

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    12 Homeschooling Cartoons Every Parent Will Relate to Right Now

    A lot of parents around the world had to learn how to become teachers overnight. Sometimes, the only way to...

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    5 Traits You Didn’t Know You Inherit from Mom (and 4 You Inherit from Dad)

    Here's why men can't blame their mothers for their receding hairline anymore.

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    What I Wish I Had Known Before Taking My Kids to an Amusement Park During a Pandemic

    Here's what happened when my two kids and I met my mom at the amusement park.

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    14 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Back to School

    Whether the kids will be distance learning or in-person learning this school year, here are 14 back-to-school transition tips you...

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    The Real Reason the School Year Doesn’t Start in January

    This year, going back to school is fraught with challenges and personal decisions. But while we're on the subject, isn’t...

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    How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus

    It can feel overwhelming to answer your kids' questions about coronavirus when you're not even sure yourself. Our experts offer...

    What My Students Taught Me About Implicit Bias (Including My Own)

    We all have implicit bias. My students awakened me to my own.

    8 Compliments You Seriously Need to Stop Giving to Your Kids

    You may think you're building up kids' self-esteem, but you may be unintentionally setting them up to struggle. Here's what...

    This Is Why Grandparents Day Was Never Meant to Be a Commercial Holiday

    The holiday falls on Sunday, September 13 this year. Read this before you rush out to buy a cheesy card.