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department of wit book club

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“I Need a Book Club:” A Writer’s Hilarious Pursuit of Friendship

Making friends as an adult ain't so easy, as one writer discovers on her search for the book club… >>

outrageous news stories help wanted

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6 Outrageous News Stories and the Jokes They Remind Us Of

In the Reader's Digest's new book 'That Reminds Me of a Joke,' humor editor Andy Simmons reminds us… >>

old jokes statue

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What’s The Actual ‘Oldest Joke in The Book?’ We Just May Have Found It.

We read through the Philogelos—a 1,500-year-old joke book from ancient Rome—to find the answer… >>

reenergize after lunch pets

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8 Hilarious One-Liners About Dogs to Get Through the Dog Days of Summer

Attention dog lovers! These quips about man's best friend are guaranteed to make you smile. >>

mad world of sign language crust

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8 Funny Foreign Signs With Terrible Translations

Wait...does that sign really say "Crap stick"?? >>


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15 Witty Bar Jokes Anyone Can Remember

Turn the next five minutes into Happy Hour with these short, sweet bar jokes for any occasion… >>

july aug 2015 dept of wit

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This Health Plan Parody Will Put You in Stitches

"Warning: The Plan does not cover foreign objects in ears if the patient is an adult and the object… >>

july aug 2015 thats outrageous

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6 People Who Tried to Be Criminals and Failed Miserably

See how these six imbecile outlaws just couldn't get the job done. >>

laughter modern curses

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The Top 6 Curses of The Modern Age, As Shown In Cartoons

Need to sic the evil eye on someone? Put down your spell book; Cartoonist Gemma Correll has you… >>


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13 Funny Dad Quotes to Use This Father’s Day

Can't find the right words for dad this Father's Day? Take inspiration from these funny quotes by… >>

random ideas Star Wars

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20 Corny ‘Star Wars’ Jokes for Any Occasion

Whether you're the Emperor himself or just some scruffy nerf-herder, you will be called upon to… >>

june 2015 that's outrageous

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$1.9 Million For a Topless Bea Arthur Painting? 6 Stories of Ridiculous Spending

Outrageous tales of spending money gone completely haywire >>


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Love and Marriage Cartoons

Can you relate to these cartoons about the reality of romance? >>

Funniest Moments of 2011, Regis Philbin and David Letterman

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12 of the Best David Letterman One-Liners of the Last 33 Years

As the longest-serving late night host in history, David Letterman could fill a library with his… >>

collectors traffic cones

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5 Utterly Bizarre Collections That Will Make Your Stamp Collection Seem Quaint

You think your Scooby Doo action figure collection is exciting, just check out what oddities these… >>

june 2015 department of wit

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Be Thankful Your Mom Didn’t Send This Email to Your Boss

Could you imagine emailing the CEO of the company where your child is about to intern to make sure… >>

food news noodleholics

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These 8 Odd, Outrageous Food Stories Might Make You Lose Your Appetite

From a 20-year-old hamburger that still looks edible to Chinese noodles laced with opiates, these… >>

may 2015 department of wit daughter driving

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Dave Barry Proves Why Teens Should Be Banned From Driving

In this hilarious letter to his daughter, the harried humorist can't decide what's crazier: driving… >>

poetry contest funny lemonade

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6 Funny Poems That Will Perk Up Your Day

In honor of #NationalPoetryMonth, we present these top funny poems from the 2015 Reader's Digest… >>

may 2015 cover laughter travis stork

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The 51 Funniest Things That Ever Happened at The Doctor’s Office

Hilarious true stories, jokes, transcripts, and more from real doctors, nurses, and fellow patients… >>