30 Chicken Puns That Are Eggs-traordinarily Funny

These 30 eggs-traordinarily funny chicken puns are definitely all they're cracked up to be.

Believe it or not, the farm can be a funny place. There is no shortage of bird jokes, horse jokes, cow jokes, and duck jokes. These funny chicken sayings fit right in. So, if you love a cheesy joke or the kind of pun which will make you groan and laugh at the same time, keep reading. This arsenal of chicken-themed jokes and sayings are perfect for you! This eggs-celent flock of chicken puns are definitely all they’re cracked up to be. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

A brood of hen puns:

1. This hen-semble of puns will definitely delight.

2. Trust me, this will bring out your inner comedi-hen.

3. Where will you find a chicken letter? In a hen-velope

4. Using chicken puns shouldn’t test your hen-durance.

5. It’s half past hen: time to break out your favorite chicken sayings.

6. What might a chicken use to cover a sneeze? A hen-kerchief!

7. What’s a great place for a chicken to sight see? Stone-hen-ge.

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These puns are for the chicks:

8. Chick-to-chick. It’s how all the cool chicks dance.

9. What do all the hens do on a Saturday night? Watch a chick flick.

10. Chick or treat. As in, are these puns a chick or a treat? By the way, don’t forget to check out these sheep puns that are perfect for ewe.

What's a chicken's favorite subject to study? Egg-onomics.rd.com, Getty Images

These half-dozen egg options will crack you up:

11. We have great egg-spectations for these chicken puns.

12. If you don’t love these sayings, please find the eggs-it.

13. Because not loving these awesome chicken puns will get you egg-spelled.

14. What’s a chicken’s favorite subject to study? Egg-onomics.

15. Any chicken studying egg-onomics is sure to ace all his eggs-aminations.

16. What do you call a chicken from space? An egg-straterrestrial.

17. These puns are an egg-splosion of fun.

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For the love of poultry:

18. The best puns don’t fall far from the poul-tree.

19. What do you get when you cross a chicken and a ghost? A poultry-geist.

20. What’s a chicken’s favorite dance? Obviously it’s the chicken dance!  It’s poultry in motion.

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These chicken sayings are at the top of the pecking order:

21. Your taste in humor is im-peck-able.

22. What is a great afternoon activity for chickens? A peck-nic.

Why did the chicken cross the basketball court? Because the referee called fowl.rd.com, Getty Images

The favorite fowl:

23. The fowl-ing chicken puns are sure to impress:

24. When old McDonald suddenly died, the police suspected fowl play.

25. Why did the chicken cross the basketball court? Because the referee called fowl.

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If none of these options appeal to you, wing it with one of these chicken sayings:

26. Which day do chickens hate most? Fry-day.

27. Can you guess a chicken’s favorite breakfast food? Marma-laid.

28. But a chicken’s favorite dessert is coop-cakes.

29. How long do chickens work? Around the cluck.

30. Talk is cheap, so use these egg-ceptional chicken puns at your earliest opportunity.