50 Pickle Puns and Jokes That Will Pickle Your Funny Bone

Get ready for some pickle puns that are, well, kind of a big dill.

Have you ever met a pickle you didn’t like? With kosher dill, half-sour, bread and butter—even spicy, there’s a pickle out there for everybody. Whether you like them as a crunchy addition to a sandwich, fried as a crispy pairing to your favorite cocktail, or if you’re like me, straight from the jar as a juicy and vinegary afternoon snack, it’s safe to say pickles are pretty versatile.

And with a name as giggle-inducing as a “pickle,” there are bound to be a few pickle puns and pickle jokes to share over your next jar. These short jokes about pickles will get the kids giggling—and maybe even the adults, too. You’ll relish them in no time! If you’re looking for even more food puns, make sure you try these vegetable puns, food pickup lines, and these food jokes for kids that will spread un-beet-able hap-pea-ness.

Pickle puns

1. I’m like a jumbo kosher pickle.
Guess you could say I’m a pretty big dill.

2. I watched a documentary last night about how pickles are made.
It was jarring.

3. Every day, the pickle sees a green vegetable at the jar who is always waiting for his turn. It must be the queue-cumber.

4. I accidentally dropped some pickle in my Hawaiian punch; I guess it is now trop-pickle.

5. I had to choose between a gherkin and Vlasic; I was in a dill-emma.

6. Cucumber is one vegetable that is always in a pickle.

7. A gas station was selling pickles two-for-one; It was the dill of the day.

8. Brining pickles makes them last much longer than fresh cucumbers, but packing them in an air-tight container—that’s what really seals the dill.

9. You hear about that crazy pickle who thought he was a flower?
What a daff-o-dill!

10. You are such a dill-light

11. Don’t forget to relish the moment!

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12. Are these jokes pickling your funny bone?

13. Hey you! You’re kind of a big dill!

14. Does this pickle your fancy?

15. Have you been gerkin from the office or have you been gerkin from home?

16. A driver was pulled over for throwing a pickle at another car. It wasn’t a Vlasic case of road rage, but it’s still Claussen quite a commotion.

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Pickle jokes

17. Why do pickles wear glasses?
They’re legally brined.

18. What would happen if you got vinegar in the ear?
A case of pickled hearing.

19. What did one cucumber seed say to the other?
We’re in a bit of a pickle.

20. Why did Costco stop selling 5-gallon jars of pickles?
Shelving them was cucumbersome.

21. Why are pickles in sandwiches always so polite?
They’re well-bread.

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22. What’s a pickle’s favorite book?
To Dill A Mockingbird.

23. What’s a cucumber’s favorite musical instrument?
A pickle-o.

24. Why is the pickle container always open?
Because it’s ajar.

25. What did the pickle do when it won the championship?
He just stood there to relish the moment.

26. What did the pickle say when he walked into the casino and sat down at the card table?
Dill me in.

27. What do you call a pickle you got at a cheap price?
A sweet dill.

28. Where do pickles go to buy a car?
The dillership.

29. What do you call a genius pickle?
A brine-iac.

30. Who’s a pickle’s favorite artist?
Salvador Dilli.

31. Where’s a pickle’s favorite place to go in London?
Pickle-dilly Square.

32. What do you say to a pickle in the morning?
Rise and brine.

33. On what radio station would you hear Bob Dill-on?
Vlasic rock.

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34. What do you call a pickle that got run over on the road?
Road dill.

35. What’s a pickle’s life philosophy?
Never a dill moment.

36. What’s a pickle’s favorite show?
Dill or No Dill.

37. Who is a pickle’s national treasure? Picolas Cage.

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Pickle jokes for kids

38. What’s a baby gherkin’s favorite TV channel?|

39. What do you get when you cross a pickle with an alligator?
A crocodill.

40. Why do gerkhins giggle a lot?
Because they’re pickle-ish.

41. What happens when life gives you pickles instead of lemons?
You dill with it.

42. Where is the Liberty Dill found?
In Phila-dill-phia.

43. What’s green and has two wheels?
A motorpickle.

44. What did the hamburger say to the pickle when they met?
“You are absolutely dill-icious.”

45. Why did the pickles cross the road?
Because it was green.

46. What did the waiter say when I asked for pickles on my burger?
“It’s not a big dill.”

47. What is green and pecks at trees?
Woody Wood-pickle.

48. What is green and flies?
Super Pickle!

Cucumber Pickle Jokerd.com, Getty Images

49. How does a cucumber become a pickle?
It goes through a jarring experience.

50. Why are pickles so jealous?
They are always green with envy.

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