17 Genius Halloween Costumes You Can Literally Do Last Minute

Everything you need is already in your closet.

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Big kid

01-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
Some say trick or treat is just for kids, so let your inner child out this Halloween. All you need for this last-minute Halloween costume is a pair of matchy-matchy PJs and a big teddy bear. And for once you can sneak all the candy you want without your parents scolding you. Check out these other cheap DIY Halloween costumes.


02-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
Ahoy, trick or treaters! Landlubbers will flip for this sea-worthy costume. Just throw on a striped shirt and red handkerchief, add a costume hat and you’re done. Lifesaver optional. (Back at home, put together these 19 cheap DIY Halloween decorations.)

Wednesday Addams

03-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
A little sassy, a little scary, but totally easy to throw together. Let a white collar peek out of a black dress and you’re well on your way to becoming the next Wednesday Addams. Braided pigtails complete the look. (Look at these charming vintage Halloween photos for more inspiration.)


04-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
Cowboys and cowgirls alike can pull off this Western look (or try these 15 couples costume ideas). The hat and boots transform a plain flannel and jeans—even better if you have overalls—into a simple Halloween costume. Add a handkerchief as a finishing touch and say "howdy" to your simplest costume ever.

Olympic gymnast

05-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
Go for the gold! Throw gym shorts and sneakers over a leotard and you’re ready for Halloween. You'll set the record for the quickest costume yet. Parents can try these 23 cheap DIY Halloween costumes for kids, too.

Harry Potter

06-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
Do you solemnly swear to be up to no good on Halloween? This last-minute costume comes together almost like magic. Just throw a striped scarf (red and gold for Gryffindor!) and some round glasses over a dark shirt. Once you draw on that iconic lightning bolt, you’re ready to wave your wand and make some candy appear. Learn how witches and other Halloween traditions came to be.

Audrey Hepburn

07-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
Audrey Hepburn might be a fashion icon every day, but on Halloween you can really channel her signature style. Break out your favorite LBD and accessorize with black gloves and pearls to become Holly Golightly in an instant. Don’t forget to stop at Tiffany’s on your way to the Halloween party. Holly might have had a cat, but dress your own pet up in these adorable Halloween costumes for dogs.

Rosie the Riveter

08-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
Think you can’t get a Halloween costume together so last minute? Fear not—we can do it! Throw on a denim shirt and red bandana, and you’re ready to go. Here’s to female empowerment! (For more feminist costume inspiration, check out the epic photo shoot of a toddler Wonder Woman.)

Steve Jobs

09-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
Wanna be a billionaire? For one night, you can at least pretend in this last-minute Halloween costume. Grab some thin glasses and a black turtleneck and voila! Just leave your Android at home for the night. Here are 10 more Halloween costumes science nerds will love.


10-Genius-Halloween-Costumes-You-Can-Literally-Do-Last-Minute-Matthew-CohenRD.comMatthew Cohen/Rd.com
Time to let your creative juices flow. With a beret and paint palette, you instantly have a last-minute Halloween costume. Low on art supplies? Make your own palette out of a piece of cardboard and a few blobs of paint. If you have a little one in tow, check out these adorable mommy-baby costume ideas.

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