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The 45 Most Popular Halloween Costumes on Amazon

What are YOU gonna be for Halloween? If you need inspiration, you've come to the right place!

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Parent Taking Children Trick Or Treating At HalloweenMonkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Halloween fun

As much as we try to fight it, procrastination always makes its way into our Halloween plans. Buying candy, decorating the house, and finding a fun costume can all seem like daunting tasks. Amazon is here to save the day! They make buying popular Halloween costumes a breeze and overnight shipping means we can literally wait until the last minute to place our order. With a quick click, you can see what is popular and trending for Halloween. Here are the 45 most popular costumes available via the retail giant. Find out how ghosts, witches, and vampires came to be associated with Halloween in the first place.

banana costumevia

Banana costume


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Clocking in at less than $15, this lightweight costume is easy on the wallet. You can pair it with sweats to have the most comfortable trick-or-treat experience around. Find out why we celebrate Halloween.


woody costumevia

Woody costume


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Our favorite character from the Toy Story franchise comes to life with this adult costume kit. Wear your own jeans to complete this Pixar look.

hermoine costumevia

Hermoine costume


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Let your little girl have a ball with this wizard costume straight out of Harry Potter. The black tunic proudly displays a Gryffindor House emblem to show everyone what house your little one belongs in.

beetlejuice costumevia

Beetlejuice costume


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Go all out as a character from one of your favorite themed flicks, Beetlejuice. The costume includes the iconic striped suit and a white shirt. You can pair it with a crazy white wig to complete the look.


playboy costumevia

Playboy smoking jacket


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Channel the one-and-only Hef with this luxurious smoking jacket. The burgundy robe comes with a pipe and a sash. If you think this is nostalgic, check out vintage Halloween costumes that should be brought back.

jessie costumevia

Jessie costume


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Who doesn't love a good cowgirl? Get into the Halloween spirit by channeling one of Toy Story's most beloved characters, Jessie. The head to toe look comes with a bright red hat to top off the ensemble. find yourself a Buzz, Woody, and Bo Peep and you've got a fun group costume.

harry potter robevia

Harry Potter adult robe


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Dress up with your little ones and purchase the adult version of Hermoine's robe. Although the costume doesn't include glasses or a wand, those are all welcome accessories that will perfect your final look.

rock paper scissors via

Rock, paper, scissors adult costume


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A game of rock, paper, and scissors can be the epitome of friendly competition. Bring the show on the road with three of your best friends with this easy to wear costume. If you are planning on hitting the scene as a Halloween duo instead, these couple costume ideas are perfect for you this year.

monkey baby costumevia

Baby monkey costume


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What is better than a baby? A baby in a monkey costume! Just when you thought your little bundle of joy couldn't get any cuter, this baby monkey costume has an attached tail, hood, and ears.


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