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15 Halloween Costumes You Can Only Find at Target

You'll love these scary-good deals on Halloween costumes and accessories you can only find at Target.

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target over the rainbow halloween costumevia

The cutest family costumes around

Did you know Target’s exclusive line of photo-worthy Halloween costumes from Hide & Eek comes in family sets too? They also have some of the best dog and cat costumes to match the rest of your trick-or-treat loving gang.

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target circus halloween costumesvia

Definitely your circus

These are definitely perfect for all the monkeys in your circus, as well as the lions, tigers, bears, the clown you fell in love with, and family-members prone to constantly walking on an emotional tight rope. Target’s circus-themed Halloween collection is the perfect way to add a dose of theatrical flair that can easily do double costume-duty down the road when it comes time to the school talent show, themed parties, and other fun nights out.

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Baby shark do-do-do-do

What’s happy, blue, and completely musical? Your toddler wearing this ultra-adorable toddler shark costume, which is more than enough to get them singing this year’s biggest song. It’s lightweight, so they can wear it safely with their doctor-approved backpacks to the preschool Halloween party.

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adult shark costumevia

Cue more music for the supervising shark

Tell the adorable baby shark in your life they’re in for a lifetime of hysterical parent-child photo memories, because one of Target’s Halloween exclusives is this very-affordable adult shark costume.

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pool party costumevia

Why stop the pool party?

If you were sipping a cold drink in an insta-worthy flamingo pool float all summer long, the perfect costume for you is clearly this inflatable flamingo costume for adults and teens. It’s a Target exclusive, easy to wear for people of a variety of sizes, and gender-neutral. Hosting the party? Then you’ll want to know these 30 cheap DIY Halloween decorations.

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katy perry costumevia

Baby, you’re a firework

Finish your Katy Perry look, dress up as a magical princess, or add a dash of brilliance to your wicked witch ensemble with this affordable light-up tutu from Target. It’s powered up by three tiny batteries that help you get your glow on, and can easily be repurposed for New Year’s Eve.

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yellow lego costumevia

Some popular LEGO costumes are Target exclusives

If you’re aiming high to be the yellow brick in a sea of colorful LEGO pieces, you’re going to have to head to Target, where this mind-building human-size LEGO transforms from one of the best gifts for boys of all ages to the best Halloween costumes for adults of most sizes.

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bbq costumevia

Now this is tasty

Get your fill of delicious fun with this realistic grill-themed costume for adults of all ages. You can easily make it a family costume with add-on ketchup, mustard, and drinks-themed costumes, but we think this meal is hearty enough to stand alone. Before you head out on Halloween, brush up on these trick-or-treating safety tips every parent needs to know.

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candy costumevia

Sugary-sweet and still no carbs

Add this adorably sweet Target Halloween costume exclusive to your list if you’re a fan of bright, colorful candy. It easily fits tweens, teens, and adults of all ages, so you can count on getting at least a few wears out of it.

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praying mantis costumevia

Don’t swat this exclusive away

The praying mantis is pretty remarkable, especially on Halloween. Nature-lovers will get a kick out of this real-seeming giant bug costume, especially if green is flattering on them already.

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girls' witch costumevia

Witch way to savings?

Follow the yellow brick road to Target, because you can be the wicked (or benevolent) witch of just about anywhere with their selection of exclusive witch costumes. Load up on witchwear of all shapes and sizes on a budget, and expect it to ship directly to your door quicker than you can conjure a magic spell. Find out the history behind dressing in costume and 14 other chilling Halloween traditions.

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witch hatvia

Already have most of your spooky gear?

Don’t worry, you can transform your all-black DIY witch costume dress from slightly scary to full-on cauldron-brewing with this flippy sequined hat exclusive to Target. It’s less expensive than a sandwich out, a refill of lizard’s tongue, or a witch’s meetup membership card.

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unicorn costumevia

Unicorns are still one of the biggest trends

Thought the unicorn trend would die down by now? It’s actually stronger than ever, and Target is meeting demand with oodles of unicorn-themed costumes for mythical creature-loving kids and adults of all sizes and styles. Did we mention most are easy to wash? How magical is that after a night of brightly colored drinks and chocolate bars?

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beer costumevia

Cheers, friend!

If you didn’t get to head to Europe on a last-minute Labor Day weekend getaway, you can still foam over with Oktoberfest-fueled celebrations and Halloween pride in this wearable traditional German beer stein.

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monster bandagesvia

Make sure you add these to your cart

Since all the costumes on this list are so affordable, you’ll probably need to add a few more scary-good deals to your cart to qualify for free shipping. These Welly Kids Bravery bandages are also Target exclusives, scary monster-themed to scare all the Halloween boo-boos away, and double as impromptu colorful monster zombie facial accessories in case you’re in a costume pinch. Read on to find out why we celebrate Halloween in the first place.

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