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The 50 Most Popular Halloween Costumes on Amazon

What are YOU going to be for Halloween? If you need inspiration, you've come to the right place!

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Halloween fun

As much as we try to fight it, procrastination always makes its way into our Halloween plans—even this year when October 31 is going to look a little different. Buying candy, decorating the house, and finding a fun costume can all seem like daunting tasks. Amazon is here to save the day! They make buying popular Halloween costumes a breeze and overnight shipping means we can literally wait until the last minute to place our order. With a quick click, you can see what is popular and trending for Halloween. Here are the 50 most popular Halloween costumes available via the retail giant.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.


Inflatable dinosaur


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Here’s one popular Halloween costume that definitely won’t get tossed to the back of your closet after trick-or-treating. The star of countless viral videos could be yours for only $50! Spend some of the money you saved on these top Halloween candy deals for 2020.


Baby Shark


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Trick-or-treat do-do-do-do-do! While the song might make you cringe, your littles will love traipsing around the neighborhood to their favorite song thanks to the soundbox that’s included with this comfy and colorful costume that’s one of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids. Rather DIY? These 22 kids’ costumes are easy to make.

Top Gun halloween costumevia

Top Gun flight suit


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Guys, show off your svelte physique with this fitted flight suit. Finish it off with a pair of aviator sunglasses for the ultimate ’80s throwback! Want to decorate your house, too? Start with these cheap DIY Halloween decorations for the spookiest holiday ever.

Maleficent Halloween Costumevia



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With the recent arrival of Maleficent on Disney+, this popular Halloween costume is already a best seller on Amazon. All you’ll need is a long, black dress to go with this feather shawl and headpiece, and the entire neighborhood will be bowing down to their new Mistress of Evil. These are more of the top Halloween costumes for Disney superfans.


Inflatable alien


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Alien abduction? Why not? Because, you know, 2020. Find out how ghosts, witches, and vampires came to be associated with Halloween in the first place.

banana costumevia

Banana costume


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Clocking in at less than $20, this lightweight costume is easy on the wallet. You can pair it with sweats to have the most comfortable trick-or-treat experience around. Find out why we celebrate Halloween.

woody costumevia

Woody costume


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Our favorite character from the Toy Story franchise comes to life with this adult costume kit. Wear your own jeans to complete this Pixar look.

hermoine costumevia

Hermoine costume


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Let your little girl have a ball with this wizard costume straight out of Harry Potter. The black tunic proudly displays a Gryffindor House emblem to show everyone what house your little one belongs in.

beetlejuice costumevia

Beetlejuice costume

Starting at $33.95

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Go all out as a character from one of your favorite themed flicks, Beetlejuice. The costume includes the iconic striped suit and a white shirt. You can pair it with a crazy white wig to complete the look.

playboy costumevia

Playboy smoking jacket


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Channel the one-and-only Hef with this luxurious smoking jacket. The burgundy robe comes with a pipe and a sash. If you think this is nostalgic, check out vintage Halloween costumes that should be brought back.

jessie costumevia

Jessie costume


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Who doesn’t love a good cowgirl? Get into the Halloween spirit by channeling one of Toy Story‘s most beloved characters, Jessie. The head to toe look comes with a bright red hat to top off the ensemble. find yourself a Buzz, Woody, and Bo Peep and you’ve got a fun group costume.

harry potter robevia

Harry Potter adult robe

Starting at $36.99

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Dress up with your little ones and purchase the adult version of Hermoine’s robe. Although the costume doesn’t include glasses or a wand, those are all welcome accessories that will perfect your final look.

rock paper scissors via

Rock, paper, scissors adult costume


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A game of rock, paper, and scissors can be the epitome of friendly competition. Bring the show on the road with three of your best friends with this easy-to-wear costume. If you are planning on hitting the scene as a Halloween duo instead, these couple costume ideas are perfect for you this year.

monkey baby costumevia

Baby monkey costume

Starting at $28.82

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What is better than a baby? A baby in a monkey costume! Just when you thought your little bundle of joy couldn’t get any cuter, this baby monkey costume has an attached tail, hood, and ears.

reno costumevia

Reno 911 costume

Starting at $27.80

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A fake mustache never looked so good! This Reno 911 character will be sure to get a laugh out of your posse. Don’t be surprised if you get a bit chilly in those iconic shorts. Find out if you live in one of these best American cities for trick or treating.

flash costumevia

DC Comics’ The Flash muscle costume


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Who needs situps when you can instantly get a six-pack with just a few clicks at Amazon? This DC Comics costume is an ode to the iconic Flash character complete with a headdress and shoe covers.

astronaut costumevia

NASA astronaut


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Get decked in out-of-this-world gear with this NASA costume that comes with official NASA patches and a themed cap.

bavarian costumevia

Bavarian guy costume

Starting at $22.55

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What is lederhosen you might ask? Well, let us explain! It’s the perfect costume base for Halloween. This Amazon version of a Bavarian guy includes the lederhosen (or shorts), a pullover shirt with lace-up collar, a hat, and knee socks. Dressing up for the candy? You’ll enjoy these little-known Halloween candy facts.

baby lobstervia

Infant lobster costume


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Put those chubby red cheeks to work with this infant lobster costume. The zippered jumpsuit is complete with lobster claw arms and lobster legs. The geniuses behind this costume also included leg snaps for easy diaper changes.

top gun costumevia

Top Gun dress


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If you want to look a little bit sexy, but not over the top, this is the costume for you. The Top Gun number boasts sunglasses and official patches. The zip-up dress is easy to get in and out of too, making getting ready a cinch.

baby yoda costumevia

Yoda costume for babies

Starting at $13.88

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Yoda is wise beyond his years, but your baby can just play the part. The costume package includes an ultra-soft hooded robe with a green Yoda headpiece. The pointed ears will have everyone giggling with your little one.

nightmare on elm street costumevia

Nightmare on Elm Street Mrs. Krueger costume


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When it comes to scary flicks, there are a few more iconic than Nightmare on Elm Street. Lean into the season with this popular costume and be the bride of Freddy with this ripped number.

joker costumevia

The Dark Knight Joker costume

Starting at $25.39

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This Joker costume includes an epic purple suit with a green vest and tie. You can go the DIY route and finish the look with face paint or invest in a mask and wig to really wow trick-or-treaters.

taco costumevia

Lifesize taco costume


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We haven’t met a taco we didn’t like. This costume will guarantee you are well received at any Halloween celebration that you attend. You can layer your own clothing underneath depending on the weather during Halloween night. Don’t miss more funny Halloween costumes guaranteed to get a laugh.

baby lion costumevia

Baby lion costume

Starting at $33.44

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Roar with laughter when you put your infant in this baby lion costume. The zippered jumpsuit is easy to put on and comes with a detachable tail with bow. The costume also includes booties, a lion hood, ears, and a super plush mane.

pirate costumevia

Pirate costume

Starting at $6.99

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Pirates have ruled the seas for ages and now you can rule your Halloween party with this cutthroat pirate costume. The getup includes a black and white shirt, belt, pants, boot tops, wrist cuffs, and head tie. All you need is an eye patch and you are ready to torment the seas!

octoberfest costumevia

Women’s Oktoberfest Costume

Starting at $29.26

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If you lean towards sexier Halloween fare, this is the costume for you. The short Oktoberfest ensemble is in high demand this season. Beer mug not included!

inflatable costumevia

Inflatable Jabba the Hut costume


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You can do justice to Star Wars’ with this huge Jabba the Hut costume. The inflatable piece is a conversation starter at any party. Make sure to securely tie the legs and arms so the air stays in place.

gangster costumevia

Gangster costume


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If he is a fan of gangster movies, this is the costume to get. The pinstripe suit with tie and button-down shirt can be complemented with a fedora to achieve an authentic look.

night before christmas costumevia

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costume


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If curling up in front of a fire to watch holiday movies is your thing, this Sally costume is for you. The scary-looking doll is sweet on the inside, just like you.

star wars costumeEQRoy/Shutterstock

Star Wars’ Clone Trooper


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Although a bit on the expensive side for a child costume, this getup includes a jumpsuit with shoe covers and body armor. The helmet that serves as a mask is also included.

olive oyl costumevia

Olive Oyl


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Don’t forget a spinach can for your honey. This Olive Oyl costume will have you remembering your favorite childhood cartoon with its high-necked silhouette and bun wig.

dinosaur costumevia

Dinosaur costume


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This plush dinosaur costume is one of the easiest options you can pick for your toddler. The comfy jumpsuit zips right up and includes a hood and foot covers that complete the look.

rocky horror costumevia

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank And Furter costume


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A bold pick for sure, this Frank and Furter costume will be sure to turn heads at whatever Halloween festivity you decide to visit. Just stay away from trick-or-treating, the sexy look may be a little too much for the kiddos.

lady pirate costumevia

Pirate wench costume


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Nobody likes being a wench, but this themed Halloween costume might change your mind. Adopt the moniker (but only for Halloween!) with this sexy corset costume that accentuates all the right curves.

jawa costumevia

Star Wars Jawa costume

Starting at $36.28

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This classic costume isn’t new, but it certainly is one of the most popular on Amazon this Halloween season. Don’t worry about makeup or a mask with this tunic ensemble that you can comfortably wear all night.

baby dinosaur costumevia

Tiny dinosaur costume


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What could be cooler than a flying dinosaur? Your toddler dressed like one for Halloween! This bright green jumpsuit zips on and off for painless trick-or-treating dressings.

super girl costumevia

Supergirl costume

Starting at $32.99

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Practically fly into your Halloween parties with this officially licensed Supergirl costume. The long-sleeved getup is complete with the iconic red and yellow emblem emblazoned on the costume’s front. The matching red boots (sold separately) polish off the look.

Han Solo costumevia

Han Solo

Starting at $30.88

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Be everyone’s favorite sci-fi star with this Han Solo costume. The official ensemble includes a long-sleeve shirt with a black vest and pants. Black boot top shoe covers are also included so you can opt for your own comfy pair for trick-or-treating.

skeleton costumevia

Skeleton zombie


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This costume is a one-stop-shop for scary getups: It includes everything you need to make your kid the spookiest character around. The set comes with a mask, shirt, pants, and gloves. If this costume is too spooky for your taste, don’t even think about honoring these chilling Halloween traditions.

luigi costumevia

Super Mario Luigi

Starting at $34.99

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Kids of all ages will recognize you when you dress up as this iconic video game character. Mario’s best friend costume comes complete with a jumpsuit, hat, detachable belly, gloves, and fake mustache.

darth vader costomevia

Star Wars Darth Vader Costume


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The Star Wars franchise continues to be one of the most popular costume options year after year. Dress your kiddo up as one of the most recognized villains with this mask, tunic, and shoe cover set. Lightsaber and gloves sold separately.

lady luigi costomevia

Woman’s Super Mario Luigi costume

Starting at $39.20

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This sultry version of the men’s Luigi costume is also popular during Halloween season for the retail giant. The polyester and spandex jumpsuit works well for all body types and can pair with your favorite pair of heels.

clown costumeHalloween Haunters

Giggles the Clown costume


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Love them or hate them, clowns are a classic Halloween costume. The polka dot dress look is completed with hair scrunches, bloomers, and show covers.

spartan costumevia

Spartan warrior

Starting at $51.04

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For the hunk in the family, this Spartan warrior costume is ready to show off a six-pack. The caped set comes with pleather shoulder harnesses, arm and leg guards, and loin cover.

bear costomevia

Bear coat costume


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Can you say lazy? You don’t even need to switch out of your outfit to partake in Halloween festivities. Although it will set you back over $100, use this bear coat jacket with a hood to be ready for your parties in a flash. If you are in the market for a cheaper costume, these DIY alternatives are for you

wizard of oz monkey costumeKharbine-Tapabor/Shutterstock

Wizard of Oz monkey costume

Starting at $66.44

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Flying monkies from Wizard of Oz are one of the most creative Halloween costumes Amazon has to offer. Put on this soft jumper and grab your Dorothy for a night out on the town!

mario costumevia

Super Mario men’s costume

Starting at $32.31

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You would think Mario was more popular than Luigi, but during Halloween, that’s definitely not the case! Recreate your favorite video game character’s outfit with this set that includes a jumpsuit, cap, fake belly, and mustache.

elvis costumevia

Elvis Presley costume

Starting at $41.88

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The king of rock is alive and well at your next Halloween party with this over-the-top polyester jumpsuit. Fit for a rock and roll royalty, this costume is complete with a scarf and belt.

robe costumevia

Women’s hooded robe costume

Starting at $22.99

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Let your imagination go wild with this hooded robe costume. You can be a witch or a wizard, the options are limitless with this versatile women’s ensemble. If you are more of a Halloween procrastinator, these last-minute costume ideas are perfect for you.

For more fun facts, costume ideas, traditions, candy inspiration, spooky entertainment, and updates on how October 31 will look different this year, check out our Halloween Guide.

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