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Easter Jokes

Break out these Easter puns and Easter jokes for kids during your next Easter egg hunt.

Drop the eggs and fill up your basket with these Easter jokes and funny Easter Bunny puns that will have all the little chickadees at the kids’ table rolling with laughter.

Pancakes for Peter Cottontail

Q. What's the Easter Bunny's favorite restaurant? A. IHOP!

The Easter Bunny Rap

Q: What is Easter Bunny’s favorite kind of music? A: Hip-hop, of course!

Lucky Rabbits

Q: Why are bunnies the luckiest animals? A: Because they each have four rabbits feet.

Hit the Floor

Q: What the Easter Bunny’s favorite dance move? A: The bunny hop.

Egg Day

Q: What day does an Easter egg hate the most? A: Fry-day

Easter Bunny Jams

Q: What music does the Easter bunny like? A: Hip-hop

Can I See Your License?

Q: Why does Peter Cottontail go hopping down the bunny trail? A: Because he's too young to drive.

Carrot Snacks

Q: What did the Easter bunny say to the carrot? A: It's been nice gnawing you

I See You

Q: Why does the Easter Bunny hide? A: Because he's a little chicken.

Runny Egg

Q: What sport are the eggs good at? A: Running

Space Egg

Q: What do you call an egg from outer space? A: An "Egg-stra terrestial"

Easter Love

Q: What happened when the Easter Bunny met the rabbit of his dreams? A: They lived hoppily ever after

Sad Bunny

Q: Why was the Easter bunny upset? A: He was having a bad hare day

Ticklish Egg

Q: What happened to the egg when he was tickled too much? A: He cracked up.

Mischievous Egg

Q: What do you call a mischievous egg? A: A practical yolker

Misbehaved Bunny

Q: What happened to the Easter bunny at school? A: He was eggspelled

Yuck It Up

Q: What did one Easter egg say to the other? A: Heard any good yolks today?

Easter Eggs

Q: Where does the Easter bunny get his eggs? A: From eggplant

Easter Bunny Exercise

Q: How does the Easter bunny stay fit? A: Eggs-ercise

Easter Parade

Q: What did the Easter bunny say about the Easter parade? A: It was eggs-cellent

Cracking Eggs

Q: What's wrong with Easter jokes? A: They crack you up

Breakfast of Champions

Q: Where does Easter Bunny eat breakfast? A: IHOP

Easter Rabbit with Fleas

Q: What do you call a rabbit with fleas? A: Bugs Bunny

That’s Egg-cellent!

Q: Why is it forbidden to tell a joke to your Easter eggs? A: You wouldn't want to crack them up.

What’s Up Doc?

Q: What do you call a rabbit that can tell a good joke? A: A funny bunny.