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    20 Corny ‘Star Wars’ Jokes for Any Occasion

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    $1.9 Million For a Topless Bea Arthur Painting? 6 Stories of Ridiculous Spending

    Outrageous tales of spending money gone completely haywire >>

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    Be Thankful Your Mom Didn’t Send This Email to Your Boss

    Could you imagine emailing the CEO of the company where your child is about to intern to make sure… >>

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    Test Answers From Smart-Alecky Students

    • Q: 
What’s the name of a 

    Total @mateur

    A client called my help desk saying she…

    And That's The Way it is

    Any time a person with a journalism degree writes…

    That Sounds Exhausting

    My granddaughter was 
graduating from college…

    The Best Legal Advice Ever...

    ...was spotted on a billboard ad for the law…